Criminalization of Immigration

This month a study was released that used data  and statistics to show that immigrants are less likely than citizens to commit crimes and be behind bars. However, there is a misconception that immigrants, those here illegally and legally, breed crime and corruption in our society. Sadly, immigrants are treated like criminals and even a minor offense can result in grounds for deportation. “According to DHS, 438,421 foreign nationals were removed from the United States in FY 2013. Among those removed, roughly 45 percent (198,394) were classified as ‘known criminal aliens.'”  When one delves into the data further only 1/5 of the 45%  of known criminals committed serious crimes (Assault, Robbery, Burglary, and Sexual Assault). The overwhelming majority of  those classified as criminal aliens were removed for Immigration Offenses followed by Dangerous Drugs, Criminal Traffic Offenses, and All Other Offenses. It is imperative to understand immigrants impact on our society by looking at the data and not by succumbing to fears and stereotypes.